We’re going to Ukraine!

From April 25th – May 3rd you can join Isreality to travel to one of the poorest countries of Europe: Ukraine. A week on the road to hand out food parcels and a lot of love to poor Jewish families and Holocaust survivors. We’ll also visit the beautiful center of the capital city Kiev, reflect on the atrocities of the Second World War in Ukraine, and meet tons of cool people. That’s a whole lot we’ll do in one week!

Will you join us?


25 April – 3 May 2020


€ 399,- (flights not included)


Young adults! Ages 18-35!

Where do I apply?

Click here!


Where will we be housed?

You’ll be housed in a good hotel in Vinnytsja.


Vinnytsja. You’ve probably never heard of it, but it’s actually a decent size city. Vinnytsja will be our home base for this week.

What will we be doing on this trip?

On this trip we will:

  • start with spending a day in Kiev, the beautiful capital city of Ukraine
  • package over 1000 food parcels
  • distribute these food parcels to poor Jewish families and Holocaust survivors in Ukraine
  • tell them about God’s love and faithfulness and the possibility to build a new future in Israel
  • get a glimpse of the rich Jewish culture of Ukraine, which is still kept alive today by about 300,000 Ukrainian Jews
  • learn about the horrific Holocaust that took place in Ukraine. 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews were killed during World War II.

Isn’t it pretty dangerous there?

Ukraine is a very large country (it’s by far the largest country of Europe). On this trip you’ll be staying far removed from any possible areas of unrest. Plus, you’ll always be with an experienced team of locals who know exactly what they can and cannot do.

What’s the cost of this trip?

Joining this trip will cost € 399,-. This price does not include flights to and from Kiev. Every participant needs to book their own flights. Schedule your arrival on April 25th, preferably between 11am and 5pm. Your return flight needs to be scheduled after 4.30pm on May 3rd.

Please note that you need to arrange your own travel insurance. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival.

Please wait with booking your flight until we have confirmed that there are enough participants.