God’s prophecy: today’s reality!

Eveline reflects on our recent Experience Israel 2016 tour. From July 3 – 15, twenty-seven participants from New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the USA and Brazil came together to explore the Biblelands.

For me it was the eighth time coming to the land of Israel… and I still can’t get enough of it! I keep learning from the country and it’s people about the Bible and God. I have visited certain places a few times by now and it might surprise you that sometimes I still even notice something new. I want to share one of these moments with you.

Eveline and Rachelle in Jerusalem

Eveline and Rachelle in Jerusalem

Part of our journey was touring through Samaria. When we stopped in Shilo, I noticed something which I had seen before, but this time it really impacted me.

At one point you had an overview of some of the surrounding hills and on these hills were vineyards. And then I remembered that it was written in the Bible that there will be vineyards on the hills in Samaria so I looked it up and found it in Jeremiah 31.

“Again you will plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria; the farmers will plant them and enjoy their fruit.” – Jeremiah 31:5

I was and still am so in awe of this. And it’s kind of odd that I saw these hills and vineyards before and I even knew about the prophecy, but it took me a while before it truly sank in. Sometimes you have to hear things more than once before you realise what it means.  That’s the same with your relationship with the Lord. We learn step by step and get to know His Greatness everyday a bit more. For me this is proof that God is still at work and that greater things are coming!

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