Genesis 44:18–47:27

What is a parasha?
Judah is on his knees begging for the life of his youngest brother Benjamin before the most powerful men in the world. For approx. 23 years Judea lived with the guilt that He had betrayed his younger brother Joseph and convinced his other brothers to sell him into the hands of slavers.

Now he cries out, “Spare my brother and take me! I gave my word to my father that on my life I would bring him back. Make me your slave, pour out your wrath on me and spare my brother.”

At the moment Judah and his brothers’ darkest hour, the most powerful servant of Pharaoh reveals himself to be Joseph their brother betrayed by them 23 years before. But, Joseph isn’t angry. He sees the divine hand of God in all his circumstances. What man intended for evil, God had worked to the good and salvation of his family and the entire world. He was sent before them to prepare a place for his family.

This story one of the most incredible foreshadows found in the older books of the Bible. It was the shadow of something greater to come. One day this picture would again play itself out amongst the brothers of Israel. The older brother would offer himself as a sacrifice for the younger brothers. Jesus Christ stretched out on the cross in order to save his family from their sins. But the rejection by the Nation of Israel would cause Jesus Christ to be accepted by the gentile nations. What was meant for evil is worked by God to bring salvation to the Jews and the rest of the World. The Jews see Jesus as the gentile God, but when their eyes are opened they see their brother whom they had betrayed and he is now King of all the nations. A Jew who looks like a gentile, but is in reality their kinsmen and savior.

Often we look at the circumstance in our life, we are boxed-in and no solution is presenting itself and we ask why this to happening? But, press on in prayer and know that the salvation of God is near at hand. While circumstances may look bad, God is waiting to reveal who he is and to be glorified in your circumstance. What others intended for evil God is going to use to bring life, healing, and joy to others.

Romans 11 speaks about the strategy of God to bring the Jews to repentance that God will use the foolish nations to make Israel jealous and draw them back.

Pray for the Jews that the eyes of their heart may be opened. For the Jews and the world there is partial blindness to the true Identity of Christ. But as the Jews are touched by the love of God more and more their eyes will be opened to behold the King of the Jews. This revelation will bring even greater life for all the nations as the Jews step into their rightful place of leadership amongst the nations in worship and intercession to God.

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